Inflation increase? Suspected iPhone 6, the latest price open

Apple's next iPhone will use the sapphire glass! The next generation will be even greater display! The next generation ... Many iPhone rumors out of six, many people worry that the next generation iPhone will increase the price of many, and recently on the Internet claiming to be out of the latest iPhone 6 posters, displays the price of the iPhone 6 .

In claiming to be the latest iPhone 6 posters, Apple's iPhone 6 4.7-inch version will be priced at 5,288 yuan, while the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 will be priced at 6,288 yuan, compared to the current iPhone 5s 4988 raised the price of 300 yuan, and when the iPhone 5 launch price than the iPhone 4 s high growth similar to 300 yuan, plus 300 yuan for two years, I believe that only a small increase for inflation made​​, and posters even said Sept. 19 on sale. 


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