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Apple iPhone 6 size of screen

According to foreign news alleged that the big screen iPhone 6 will be released in the United States will be held on September 9. (Turn photo website)

According to foreign news as a drag library International Business Times, Yahoo Tech, RTT News reported, iPhone 6 will soon be held on September 9 will be released in the United States, there will be two 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch large-screen iPhone with the world meet, iPhone 4 inches declared officially bid farewell to the era. In addition, the new iPhone 6 using Mohs hardness of sapphire crystal glass 9, second only to diamond in hardness, which makes the iPhone will become the most popular brands of smart phones and scratch.

Actually calculate the time last year, iPhone 5S published on September 10, while in 2012 the iPhone 5 released date is September 12, three years ago, iPhone 4S is published in the October 4 before the death of Steve Jobs, Apple published annually in the fall when the new phone process has clearly fixed.

We are most concerned about is, after presentation, and when they will buy? Last year, iPhone 5S and 5C will be published in the 9/20 ten days after the listing, Taiwan is on sale October 25, a full slow month. So according to the process at this time estimate, the United States should be listed in late September. But there are news a few days ago, the time iPhone 6 will be listed on the "big late," full extension to October 14. In the end when the market, will be published next month, you can see the outcome.

(Author: Dai Jiafen)

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