HTC*Services Professional

- Full unlock (network lock, CID SuperCID SPL-OFF, phone lock, etc., and empty talk time)
- 全面解锁 (网络锁、CID=SuperCID、SPL-OFF、话机锁等,同时清空通话时间)

- Support for all HTC (Andrews and WM) phone
- 支持所有HTC(安卓系统和WM系统)手机

- Production of WP7 systems the WM system, Goldcard
- 可制作WM系统 安卓系统 WP7系统的金卡

There are to unlock the file: (the future will continue to upgrade to increase)

The latest support:

HTC Bravo/HTC Desire
HTC Buzz/HTC Wildfire
HTC Click/HTC Tattoo
HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1
HTC Espresso/T-Mobile MyTouch Slide
HTC Glacier/T-Mobile MyTouch 4G
HTC Hero
HTC Inspire 4G AT&T
HTC Legend
HTC Liberty/HTC Aria/HTC Gratia
HTC Paradise
HTC Passion/Google Nexus One
HTC Saga/HTC Desire S
HTC Sapphire/HTC Magic
HTC Spade/HTC Ace/HTC Desire HD ***
HTC Vision/T-Mobile G2/HTC Desire Z ***
HTC Vivo/HTC Incredible S
HTC Windows 7 (Hot~~)
HTC HD7(HTC Schubert)
HTC Mozart
HTC Surround
HTC Spark-Trophy-T8686

-Android System
HTC G1-Dream
HTC G2-Magic
HTC G3-Hero
HTC G4-Tattoo
HTC G5-Nexus One
HTC G6-Legend
HTC G7-Desire
HTC G8-Wildfire
HTC G9-Aria
HTC G10 Desire HD/A9191
HTC G11 S710E Incredible S
HTC myTouch 4G
HTC MyTouch 3G Slide
HTC Desire Z ,T-mobile G2
HTC Inspire 4G--A9192
HTC G13-Wildfire S

-Windows Mobile
HTC HD2(HTC and T-mobile HD2)
HTC Touch HD
HTC Touch2
HTC Touch Pro2(Rhodium 6875)
HTC Touch Diamond2
HTC HD mini
HTC Niki / HTC Touch Dual
HTC RhodiumW / HTC Touch Pro 2 (CDMA)
HTC Whitestone(WhitestoneW)


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